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Hike to Manoa Falls: A Scenic Trail in Honolulu, HI

About 5 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Hike to Manoa Falls: A Scenic Trail in Honolulu, HI

Manoa Falls Hike
Manoa Road, Honolulu

Part of the enjoyment of getting to Manoa Falls is the beauty of the journey there. A well-maintained trail leads hikers to the waterfall, which cascades 150 feet down a mountainside. The 1.6-mile trail includes a bridge and takes you through awe-inspiring rainforests. Some of this majestic trail was used in the filming of the original Jurassic Park movie!

Make sure to wear sturdy shoes, as the ground can be quite muddy and even slippery in places. You might even get caught in a shower, but that's part of the Oahu experience. Most of the trail has been graveled, but be on the lookout for fallen tree branches. Some of the flora you'll encounter include banyan trees, guava, bamboo and ginger flowers. The last part of the hike is the steepest, and there are some obstacles such as rocks and boulders, but it's well worth it. And don't worry—this is a hike the whole family will love, even children. Soon, you're face to face with the splendor of Manoa Falls, spilling into a small natural pool.

Fast hikers will probably reach the falls in about 30 minutes in the best conditions, but on average, it's about 45 minutes. Don't forget to bring along water and bug repellant, and its best to wear sunscreen or a hat. If you have them, hiking poles wouldn't hurt either. Guided tours of Manoa Falls with shuttles to the trail are available. If you're driving a rental car, parking in the residential neighborhood near the old Paradise Park is a good idea, and only adds about a quarter mile to your hike.

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